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Food Shelter Love

is a new creative web design agency. We specialize in crafting websites that taste like a bowl of chicken noodle soup made by someone who loves you.

Food Shelter Love focuses on learning about our clients' needs. The aim is to craft websites that elicit awe and to provide clients with a positive partnership experience.

  • MusiciansThe music needs to be heard, and the fans need to connect...
  • RestauranteurWe're masters of the kitchen, so stop on by...
  • Event OrganizersIt's going to be an awesome event, let's get the word out...
  • EntertainersI work in Hollywood, and I need more publicity...
  • ArchitectsWe're hip, and we're cooler then Koolhaas...
  • EntrepreneursWe provide/sell services, let’s use the web to our advantage...
  • Health ProfessionalsTaking care of people is what we do best...

So don’t be surprised if Mr. Wok invites you out for a cup of coffee. His only agenda is to get to know you really well.

Confusion is our enemy. We like to keep things clear from start to finish. We break down our fees by development stages. Stages are initiated upon payment of a percentage from the total negotiated price for our services. So if you like our approach, schedule a meeting. Coffee is on us.


  • Initial Meeting
  • Timeline Established

This is the most important phase of our partnership. It’s when we determine if we have a win/win situation for us to work together. Since we’re keen on having productive partnerships, we make sure that there is a high chance for success. We’re definitely not shy if we're not the right fit. In fact we might refer you to someone else.


  • Content Collection
  • User Interaction Design

This phase is the most difficult. It requires everyone to communicate clearly to each other. Fortunately, Mr. Wok is good at helping clients articulate their needs. His main goal is to craft a design strategy that meets and exceeds client expectations.


  • Design Mockups
  • Functional Site

Miss Artist is a creative wunderkind. She is able to find the balance between style and function in her artwork. Mr. Code believes that code is poetry. He’s not only technically adept, but knows how to push the limit of creativity. They both are passionate about their roles. As a client you’ll receive their best efforts.


  • Quality Control
  • Taking it Live

The final phase of our partnership might be considered the final stages of a ski race. It’s crucial that we remain focused on the perfect finish. We know our confidence will result in work that will satisfy your needs. In fact you'll probably brag to your network about your awesome new site. Just remember us when you do.

Mr. Intro.

“Wok,” He’s the point guard with a sunny disposition. He’s the one that you will be interacting with. Besides being in charge of opening and closing projects, he’s super adept at designing user interfaces. In Industry slang, he’s our lead UX design.

Miss Artist

Lily, She’s more then just a cute face. She's our resident artist. With her creative skills and art direction, Food Shelter Love is able to produce aesthetics that not only function well, but provoke awe.

Mr. Code

If Food Shelter Love’s left brain is Lily, then Bjork is our right brain. He makes everything run smoothly. We have to warn you, if you get him started talking about compliant XHTML, Jquery, CMS solutions, or anything related to backend development, you’ll probably have to get Mr. Wok to buy you another cup of coffee.

Mr. Everything Else

Jeff is our secret weapon. He works on typography, copy writing, and special in-house projects. He also monitors the quality of everyone’s creative work. If things are not up to par, he’ll assert himself and remind us that excellence should never be compromised.